[Reinstatment SAPD] Adalberto Benjamino (Ryochi Burnhillde)

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[Reinstatment SAPD] Adalberto Benjamino (Ryochi Burnhillde)

Post by Adalberto_Benjamino on Thu Mar 29, 2018 4:07 pm

Reinstatement Request

((In Character))

((Minimum 100 for whole IC part))
Full name: Adalberto Benjamino
Gender: Male.
Phone Number: 1-0-0-4

Previous Rank/Position: Police Officer III.
Date Joined: 18 Maret 2018
Date Leave: 24 Maret 2018

Why did you leave the department / Why were you discharged? Because at that time my parents were sick in Germany therefore I made the form of Resignations to the boss to the city of Germany for several days.
Why do you wish to return to the department? Because I want to work again as a member of the Police Department in Los Santos to take firm action against the citizens who committed the authority
Why should we take you back: Because I've been a Police Department in Los Santos and I know enough about the city of Los Santos.
What have you been doing since your discharge? I took care of my keritis parents at a nearby hospital in the city of Germany and took care of my teenage son.

Reinstatement Request

((Out of Character))

((Minimum 80 for whole OOC part))
Full Name: Ahmad Hadi
Why did you leave the department / Why were you discharged? Karena waktu itu saya sedang ada Ujianj di sekolah, Dan saya juga waktu itu jarang InGame karena ada keperluan sekolah yang membuat saya tidak bisa InGame untuk beberapa saat.
Why do you wish to return to the faction? Karena saya ingin beroleplay lagi menjadi anggota PD.
For a long time you become Faction SAPD before? 18 Maret 2018
List of previous characters: Adalberto Benjamino (Ryochi Burnhillde).


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Re: [Reinstatment SAPD] Adalberto Benjamino (Ryochi Burnhillde)

Post by Dilan Fisichella on Thu Mar 29, 2018 5:03 pm

ACCEPTED, We have already discussed this reinstatement, that you are welcome back at the San Andreas Police Department.
Dilan Fisichella
Chief Of Police
Chief Of Police

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