[Recruitment SAPD #2] Ralph Henderson

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[Recruitment SAPD #2] Ralph Henderson

Post by Ralph_Henderson on Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:14 pm

   San Andreas Police Departement
   "To serve and protect"

   1.1 ) Full name: Ralph Henderson
   1.2 ) Age: 21
   1.3 ) Gender: Male
   1.4 ) Race: American
   1.5 ) Date of Birth: 02 July 1996

   1.6 ) Address: Los Santos
   1.7 ) Phone Number:
   1.8 ) House Number:

   Please correct this, as Wrong or True.

  • 1.9 ) Are you're one of United States of America citizen? [ YES ]
  • 2.0 ) Are you ever commited a crime? [ NO ]
  • 2.1 ) Are you born and live in Los Santos? [ YES ]

   2.2 ) Height: 179cm
   2.3 ) Weight:52kg
   2.4 ) Blood type:AB
   2.5 ) Eyes color:Black

   Please correct this, as Wrong or True.

  • 2.6 ) Do you have a severe illness?[ NO ]
  • 2.7 ) Are you nearsighted or damaged? [ NO ]
  • 2.8 ) Do you wear contact lenses? [ NO ]


       3.9 ) Pre-School:Greer Elementary School    4.0 ) Primary School:Greer Elementary School    4.1) Junior High School:Mercy High School    4.2 ) Senior High School:Avenues The World School    4.3 ) University (if any):

University of Pennsylvania

      4.4 ) Have you ever been involved in a criminal case? If yes, explain it: No.4.5 ) Have you ever submitted an application to SAPD? If yes, when?: No.4.6 ) Whats the reason of your denial from the previous application (If you got denied)?: I just tried. no rejection4.7 ) Why would you like to be a part of the San Andreas Police Department?: (Minimum 150 words)Since childhood I want to be a useful person in society, I want to help people in distress. When I was 19 years old my parents died and I decided to move to this town of Los Santos. The first time I arrived in this city, I immediately saw there was a robbery that occurred. From there I was determined to help this city from all the evil that existed in the city of Los Santos is, right then I also see a member of the SAPD who dashing always help residents of Los Santos of criminals in Los Santos City is. At that time I wanted to become a SAPD member to be a useful person for Los Santos City residents, dodging them from robbery, illegal sale of goods, shootings, and other crimes. I will continue to serve as a useful person, to protect the citizens of Los Santos from the perils, making the City of Los Santos a safe, comfortable and peaceful city to live in. That's why I enrolled in SAPD today. To protect the community and help people avoid crime. I am also furious to see the young people in Los Santos City is on offer illegal goods that can ruin their lives, even though their age is still very far from the adult word. I do not want to see the future of the City of Los Santos destroyed only because of the depraved people who sold illegally to them. Being SAPD is my key to avoiding the citizens of Los Santos City from the evils that exist, being SAPD is also one of my dreams when I see the evil that is in this city.4.8 ) Why should we accept you in the San Andreas Police Department?: (Minimum 150 words)

Because if I become a SAPD member I will run my dream to be useful to others, and I will combat the evils that exist in the City of Los Santos for the security and comfort of the citizens of Los Santos. SAPD will also get additional power if I am accepted in SAPD, although I am female, I will strive to be the best for SAPD and the citizens of Los Santos City. I will also serve and keep the people of Los Santos City, for the better future of Los Santos City. I will also eradicate the sellers of illegal goods that sell to the young generation in this city of Los Santos, because there are still many sellers of illegal goods that roam the city of Los Santos, such as drug dealers, illegal weapons. I will also combat the robbers of the heinous robbers who rob with firearms who are not reluctantly shy to shoot their victims without pity. They must be punished, they must be in a trial. Because the people of Los Santos City is just to live peacefully and comfortably. If not in the fight immediately, the City of Los Santos can be a chaotic city and have no future. So, SAPD will get additional energy to eradicate criminal criminals in this beautiful city of Los Santos, that is me.

   (( SECTION VI - Out of Character ))
   4.9 ) Nama lengkap: Ananda Rifa Setiawan
   5.0 ) Umur: 15
   5.1 ) Tempat tinggal: Jalan kawi kawi atas
   5.2 ) Berapa jam anda ingame di JR:RP: sekitar 4jam - 8jam
   5.3 ) Jelaskan kenapa anda mau gabung sama faction SAPD ini? (min. 70 words.): Karena ber Roleplay jadi SAPD itu sangat menantang dan sangat seru untuk dilakukan. Saya di trucker hanya ber Roleplay yang itu itu saja, tidak ada yang lainnya jadi bosen. Saya ingin Roleplay yang menantang untuk diri saya seperti SAPD ini, karena di SAPD ini Roleplaynya tidak bisa di tebak, mungkin ada roleplay pengejaran, penangkapan, bahkan roleplay membebaskan penyandraan. Karena itulah saya sangat ingin masuk di SAPD untuk menjalani roleplay yang menantang, juga untuk meningkatkan Roleplay saya yang "MUNGKIN" masih kurang di mata orang lain. Memang beroleplay menjadi SAPD tidak mudah, tetapi itu tantangan tersendiri untuk saya beroleplay menjadi SAPD ini. Saya juga ingin menambah teman, baik di IC maupun di OOC, Karena mempunyai banyak teman bisa membantu saat ingin bertanya soal roleplay
   5.4 ) Kenapa kami harus menerima anda di faction SAPD ini? (min. 60 words.): Diterima atau ditolak itu hanya hak chief SAPD.Saya disini hanya bisa tunggu untuk agar diterima dan saya pun juga berdoa agar diterima menjadi SAPD.Dan saya akan menaikan level setinggi-tingginya.Terima kasih
   5.5 ) Bermain di net atau rumah? Rumah
   5.6 ) ID forum JR:RP: http://forum.hl-rp.cf/index.php?/profile/93-raccbear/
   5.7 ) Perlihatkan /stats kamu:


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