[Recruitment SAPD #2] Akiko Ashuka [Accepted,Accademy Stage]

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[Recruitment SAPD #2] Akiko Ashuka [Accepted,Accademy Stage]

Post by Akiko_Ashuka on Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:44 pm

San Andreas Police Departement
"To serve and protect"

1.1 ) Full name: Akiko Kyoto Ashuka
1.2 ) Age: 22 years old
1.3 ) Gender: Female
1.4 ) Race: Korean
1.5 ) Date of Birth: 02nd March 1995.

1.6 ) Address: Ganton circle
1.7 ) Phone Number: 2890
1.8 ) House Number: 38

Please correct this, as Wrong or True.

  • 1.9 ) Are you're one of United States of America citizen?Yes
  • 2.0 ) Are you ever commited a crime? Yes
  • 2.1 ) Are you born and live in Los Santos? Yes

2.2 ) Height: 174 CM
2.3 ) Weight: 39 KG
2.4 ) Blood type: O
2.5 ) Eyes color: Blue

Please correct this, as Wrong or True.

  • 2.6 ) Do you have a severe illness? No
  • 2.7 ) Are you nearsighted or damaged? No
  • 2.8 ) Do you wear contact lenses? No


    3.9 ) Pre-School: The Salisbury School4.0 ) Primary School: Hollimycamp Primary School4.1) Junior High School: The Lawrenceville School4.2 ) Senior High School: The Hotchkiss Schoo4.3 ) University (if any): University The World School


    4.4 ) Have you ever been involved in a criminal case? If yes, explain it: No4.5 ) Have you ever submitted an application to SAPD? If yes, when?: No4.6 ) Whats the reason of your denial from the previous application (If you got denied)?: Never4.7 ) Why would you like to be a part of the San Andreas Police Department?: Hello, let me introducing myself first. Akiko Kyoto Ashuka, that was my name also my full name. My nickname is was Kiko, so I born at Korean at 02nd March of 1995, at this time I want to register as one of the members of Los Santos Police Department because I aspire to become an LSPD or more known Los Santos Police Department, I have attended one of the colleges in California and majored in law, I want to serve to the State as someone who can serve the community and work in the Los Santos Police Department to maintain the security of the tranquility of the city of Los Santos, to protect the needs of the country from the smallest of the largest, to provide integrated services for the community, to provide, protection, to the public, so that the community is free from physical and psychological disorders. And also provide guidance to the community through preemptive and preventive efforts that can increase awareness and strength and legal compliance of the community and enforce the law professionally and proportionally by upholding the supremacy of law and human rights to the existence of legal certainty and sense of justice.Menegakkan law in a professional and proportionate to uphold the supremacy of law and human rights towards legal certainty and sense of justice. Maintaining the security and public order while maintaining the norms and values ​​prevailing within the framework of integrity of the territorial jurisdiction of the unitary State, managing resources professionally in the realization of internal security so as to encourage increased enthusiasm to achieve the welfare of society and increase consolidation efforts into efforts to equalize the vision and mission of LSPD in the future. Maintaining the institutional solidity of various external influences that are very detrimental to society. Continue security restoration operations in some conflict areas to ensure the integrity of the Unitary State. Maybe that's all I can say more apologies because no man is perfect and I thank him for his attention4.8 ) Why should we accept you in the San Andreas Police Department?: Because I am a hard worker for any task for the sake of the Los Santos community, to be honest in the execution of duties, responsible for the tasks and to comply with existing and determined rules by the government, to help Los Santos people who ask for help from robber, rob, thief or crime the other gangsters. If accepted I will do my job with procedures that have been determined by superiors of San Andreas Police Department such as maintaining the security of the city of Los Santos from robber, robbery, thief or other crimes and discipline traffic so as not to happen a very fatal accident and discipline the offenders they are deterred and will not repeat it again, guarding the city of Los Santos from corrupt corruptors in the government so that the city of Los Santos is not harmed by the behavior that often corrupt people's money for his personal interests. The reason I wanted to join was because I wanted to go high and upheld the name of San Andreas Police Department to the people of Los Santos so that they knew they would not be afraid of the crime, if there was a crime immediately report to the San Andreas Police Department for the perpetrators of crime musna in Los Santos. Maybe this is all I can say and thank you for your attention to San Andreas Police Department more or less apologize.

(( SECTION VI - Out of Character ))
4.9 ) Nama lengkap: Dama Rafif Athaya
5.0 ) Umur: 14 tahun
5.1 ) Tempat tinggal: Palembang, Sumatera Selatan
5.2 ) Berapa jam anda ingame di JR:RP: Dalam sehari, bisa 4-5 jam kalau week end bisa sampai 10 jam.
5.3 ) Jelaskan kenapa anda mau gabung sama faction SAPD ini?: Saya ingin mencoba ber-roleplay sebagai anggota San Andreas Police Departement serta menjaga kota Los Santos dari para pelaku pidana lainnya dan menertibkan lalu lintas dari para pelanggar lainnya, bukan itu saja saya ingin rasakan betapa susah senangnya bersama anggota San Andreas Police Departement. karna San Andreas Police Departement sangat menjadi panutan para players JR:RP, sehingga saya ingin mencoba sebagai anggota San Andreas Police Departement agar mendapatkan wawasan roleplay dan skill roleplay saya bertambah wawasan sebagai salah satu anggota San Andreas Police Departement. Dengan kesempatan ini saya mencoba mendaftarkan diri sebagai salah satu anggota San Andreas Police Departement agar dapat menambahan kualitas roleplay saya di server Jogjagamers. Sekian yang bisa saya sampaikan terimakasih atas perhatiannya San Andreas Police Departement kurang lebihnya mohon maaf.
5.4 ) Kenapa kami harus menerima anda di faction SAPD ini?: Karena menurut saya, saya sudah lumayan bisa dalam beroleplay menjadi seorang polisi, saya sudah agak berpengalaman dalam hal ini. Dan juga, saya memiliki jam In-Game yang cukup tinggi dalam satu harinya sehingga bisa duty dalam jam tinggi juga.
5.5 ) Bermain di net atau rumah? Rumah
5.6 ) ID forum JR:RP: Hillfiger
5.7 ) Perlihatkan /stats kamu:


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Re: [Recruitment SAPD #2] Akiko Ashuka [Accepted,Accademy Stage]

Post by Jack_Russel on Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:29 pm

San Andreas Police Departement
"To serve and protect"

Deer, Mr."Akihiko".

With a great pleasure, I'd like to inform you that your application has been ACCEPTED by the San Andreas Police Department.Please complete your Interview session to proceed with the next steps.

Note: SAPD may change the Physical and Ability Test schedule, and also the Academy Schedule.

Supervisor of Accademy, "Russel Clifford"

Retired Officer
Retired Officer

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